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Scott & Brad (pic by Wayne)


Light a candle & meditate
Post to LJ & comment
Work on Lilly's & my book
Read It (Stephen King)
Read Arcadia (Lauren Groff)
Go through files & discard
Go outside
Pick up poop
Emails to my people


Corolla, N.C.

9/24/17 04:50 pm
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I love Ocean.

No longer "the" ocean -- it is just
and only Ocean.

A presence for five days and nights
drawing you in
pulling you out.

How can it change minute by minute
and be still all itself

Ocean gets me up early
(a miracle.)

Ocean makes me think of IT
and not myself.

All day and after dark,
every minute becomes
the best part of the day,
replacing the last best
over and over.

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Phil Terman interview - to read comfortably, click on that symbol that enlarges print (don't know what it's called...)

Phil is a friend (and poet and teacher) and I love his work.

"the last of the hippies"



7/23/17 01:46 pm
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He is just so sweet.
7/22/17 Kobe #beagle  #nlekobe

...and here is another sweetness (Mr. Rupert aka Nathan in the LA Times!)

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We met at 8am to beat the heat which reached 93 degrees eventually. We'll continue to do that through the summer on the days we walk. We saw a bald eagle twice flying up the river, a heron, rabbits, turkeys, many bugs/worms, a young deer, and then a young porcupine about six feet away on the ground about to climb a tree. I had the false belief that a porcupine could eject its quills into you from a distance. Mary says no. It was fascinating to watch it climb the tree and see its little claws. I learn so much from Mary about plants, animals, bugs, the environment in general.

Here she is taking a picture of a little house on the hill:

And here is her account of the day: her post



6/22/17 08:24 pm
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Hugh Gallagher, F. D. Roosevelt's biographer, who had polio himself, said: "A visible paralytic handicap affects every relationship, alters the attitudes of others, and challenges one's self-esteem. It requires meticulous minute-by-minute monitoring and control to an extent quite unperceived and unimaginable by the able-bodied."

I'm going through old journals. I copied this quote in 1998. After years of minimizing and repressing all that polio brought me, I can now see the truth in this. Even now, at 70, I still am never unaware of my body and how I may be seen. Still, I'm more at peace with it all now than I ever have been. I fit in with my contemporaries as never before -- we all have aches and pains and limits!

Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester, MA



6/22/17 01:17 pm
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Two of the cards drawn at my tarot reading yesterday.

Who would you rather be?

Or is it either/or?



5/27/17 03:17 pm
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Erin's pic of Nathan for a photography class.
Erin on Facebook:


Born Into Brothels
Manchester by the Sea



5/9/17 12:30 pm
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FATES AND FURIES by Lauren Groff (August 2017)
THE RED PARTS by Maggie Nelson (May 2017)



5/9/17 12:28 pm
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When asked about his lyrics, Teddy Thompson said: "It's all true and not true, like most things, I can't make up my mind! Sometimes I mean what I say, sometimes not.". (Teddy Thompson)

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Today we got pizza and went to Mary's house to see the chicks. So sweet. And Andy is so great -- he's calmed down since the first (and last) time I saw him, not long after they got him. I love his chocolate coat. Soft and shiny.

Visited with Dave and Hazel.



3/21/17 02:08 pm
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Laura had this quilt made for me. The quilter used squares of Mum's clothing. Familiar robes and skirts and jackets. And squares from her "sleep" sheets. Ben said he always used those sheets when he made his "bed" on the floor when we visited. Sweet memories. Thank you, Laura.


3/10/17 11:03 am
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dawn. french creek lit up. march 2017.

dawn. french creek lit up. march 2017.


2/28/17 11:04 am
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1/24/17 07:39 am
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1/23/17 08:37 pm
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I found a new app I really love: NPR One. Today I listened to Fresh Air episodes with interviews with Zadie Smith and Jeff Bridges.

Zadie Smith has a new novel out -- Swingtime. I want to read it. Her interview was so interesting -- topics from writing to motherhood to having family members on the opposite side politically.

The attorney for Mum's estate sent a letter today saying the estate is now closed. I can distribute the money to my family. Thank heavens it's done.
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My dad and me, and my sons who never knew their grandfather...
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Pramila's mother Maya knitted this scarf for Steve.

Since I left my crutches with the guard, Steve and Jeff helped me with the steps to go down to see the box where Lincoln was sitting when he was shot. Very moved to be in this space.


in line...

1/14/17 04:37 pm
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Bill, Caroline, Steve

There was a long line to tour the White House on Wednesday, January 4. Our time was 10:30am but there had been a Hazmet scare, so all the tours were pushed back two hours. This was one of the drizzly days but we were all happy to be there and were patient during the wait. It was the very last day for tours of the Obama White House! While we were in the White House, President Obama was meeting with the Democrats in the House (Pramila among them!) Because I was in a wheelchair for the tour, the guard led Jeff and me right past the kitchen in the basement to get to the elevator! He pointed out the charred part of the building where there had been the fire. It was all too surreal. We saw the chef chopping away at something in preparation for an event that night.

Mark Doty

12/5/16 11:07 am
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"Blog readers do talk back. This is often wonderful, sometimes just interesting, and occasionally quite uncomfortable. If I write a dismissive description of, say, the boardwalk at Atlantic City in a poem or essay, there's a lag-time before anyone will read it; by the time it appears in print, I'll have lived with that passage awhile, and if I keep it then I'm prepared to stand behind it, and don't feel the vulernability I might should it have appeared on screens in the homes of interested people the day after I wrote it. The imagination doesn't really like to be accountable. A friend tells the story of going to give a talk at a college in a town she found dismal. She described the desolate view from her motel room; when she went to give her talk the next morning, the professor who had invited her rose to give the introduction and quoted her post. My friend was mortified. You can see immediately why such an experience might lead one to blog less frequently. Creativity is blocked by the sort of tension that comes from anticipating judgement. That's how a negative review can become a monstrous presencesuch at our desks; hurt once, we anticipate a blow coming again. Who can write freely if we're worrying about who might take umbrage to what we say? It's an appropriate, ethical practice to think through your work once you've actually done it and consider the moral weight of your words, or who might be hurt by them, and whether you want to stand by your statements. But trying to anticipate such things as you're writing simply ties you up in knot of self-consciousness. I'd guess that's one of the reasons why blogs often begin in pleasure as open-ended, random, inclusive notebooks, then seem to slow and diminish over time. It's easy to begin to feel watched, or uncomfortably hemmed-in."

Link to complete entry:


9/12/16 09:29 pm
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She and I watched The Triplettes of Belleville tonight. We enjoyed it!


8/24/16 06:49 pm
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3/30/16 03:40 pm
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I have this space already. Write HERE.


3/4/16 08:24 pm
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Lilly and Baby (Peppa)